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Acknowledging the Significance of Indian Indie Music

India, the land of diverse culture and art, has music at the core of its heart. Waking up to prayers in the morning to dozing off listening to soulful instrumentals at night, it has always been an integral part of our lifestyle. Our movies seem incomplete without them. Our festivals, wedding ceremonies, gatherings or any event you could think of; it’s hard to imagine a celebration in our country without music. It transcends you to a place, far beyond reality, where you desire to be or had been before. And what makes it possible is the talent of numerous musicians and artists who come out from every region of India; big or small, remote or populous. Artists here have created music, in all genres and forms, for people from every remote district, language and culture of our big subcontinent. But even with all this admiration for the craft, a big portion of our population remains unaware of the inimitable talent that is possessed by the Indie artists.

Independent musicians have been an unsung contributor to the music we enjoy for aeons. While in the recent years we have seen these creators get some of their due appreciation, we still have a long way to go. Indie culture, whether it comes to any form of art, has been a significant part of the pop culture revolution we see. The art that emerges from these creators from various backgrounds and no major financial backing, is ought to be true and unique in its own way. So it could be baffling to think about the reason why still there is a lack of recognition for this culture.

A major factor could be the dominance of the mainstream and bollywood music over Indian audience. The big music production houses have the means to market their product on a huge scale on all music sharing platform on the internet and television; which shadows the work of Independent artists. And due to lack of a big production and marketing budget, the music doesn’t get highlighted as much and usually remains limited to the dedicated audience of the artist. So how could Indie artists make their work known to the larger section of our country?

The content that works and is admired by everyone today requires more than just the creativity and talent of the artist; it has to be presentable. The production of your musical project could positively or negatively impact the reception depending upon its quality. The quality of sound, recording and mixing, sharp editing, interesting music video etc. could help your music shine through the crowd and be heard all over. A good music production company could provide you with the necessary means and guidance, through which you can transform your work from great to sensational. A good production would make your project look more professional and would attract audience from all across the world.