On its own, with affiliates and with co-production partners, RBS Media produces feature films & short films for cinema, film festivals and downstream channels (DVD, VOD, TV). 


Outstanding production values result in premium factual and fictional programming for cinema, creating an immersive emotional experience with both entertainment and educational value. 

We offer fiction & non-fiction entertaining films, always aiming to tell outstanding stories while setting new standards in production quality.

  The production team of RBS Media represents a stamp of commitment to character-driven storytelling with the best of talent.


Recently RBS Media has produced title Midshot- an experiment with truth which won 4 best film awards in various international film festivals. The movie is now part of the various libraries & distributed worldwide through film festivals & online media. Currently our next production Wasted Lives is in post production stage and few screenplays are under development.


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Working Production Stills: Wasted Lives (Under Production)